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    After last week's jet lag sagg'n blowup fest, I did not have any expectations for Saturday's BCRCX. Only did two short workouts this week, focus on recovery. Figured I'd keep the VO2MAX training volume up and signed up for back to back races: Men 50+ the SS Open. What the heck let's do this!!!

    Course had a wonderful flow to it sand pit>small hill>off camber from hell>small hill>sand pit>bigger hill(hammer)>flatish>punchy steep climb>single track with sandy climb(hammer)>longer climb(keep hammer down)>rolling hills>off camber hell #2>double runup with ditch leap at base(suffer, HR go boom)>corners>fun fast sweeping downhill turn>home stretch flats with a mini off camber in the middle.

    Got in two dumps before the race so I knew this was gonna be good. CafGoo at T-15 and then lined up with dirtbag and 10 other guys (12 total, much better than last week's 5). Whistle goes and I drift back to near last not wanting to be in the sprint and break chaos that is the start (save that match for later). A few choice lines and I'm sitting 7th or so. Ok! Single track sandy climb was a mess, ride around a few there 5th but I'm not counting. Come up on dirtbag and his tire is flattish, Noooooooo!!! Was so looking forward to the showdown.... Now in the open and can race my race! Find the rhythm of hammer recover and settle in. The double run up suuuuuucks; totally gassed at the top and then have to get back up to speed; deep into the red on every lap at that spot. But recoverable. Stay with the rhythm, deep breaths and relax in the straights. Hammer the climbs. Pass a few more peeps but already focused on the second race.

    Finish up and head back ti man van. 1.5 bottles of electro-water, another CafGoo and a 20oz cup of ice water on head and body then spin about to cool down. Almost miss you the call ups! Roll up to the monster crew, Jim, Mike, Bryan, TJ, 9 of us total. Whistle goes but this time I muscle up and move into 5th only to have Jim and one other come around in the straights. Oh well, time to settle in and see what this body can do. I know this course now and I'm on my SS so I'm in heaven!!! Sooooo much faster with the wide bars and no worry of shifting. 2:1 is perfect. Having a blast. But it was not til lap 4 that then hand ups start coming out! Wooooooooo!!!!! Yes! Give me all of them! Grab one on lap 4, three on lap 5 and three more on the last lap! Finish up the race 5th of 9. Total blast!!!

    Now for TACOs!!! Roll up towards the Taco Truck stranger swings by "Comgrats on your podium finish!" WTF? Really? Stroll over to the results and I'd snagged 3rd in the Men's 50+! Wow! Totally unexpected.

    Two tacos, Mexican Coke, beer!! Another beer, then wrap with watching the pros.

    Perfect day.

    (Crossing fingers for kitchen pass tomorrow, going to wash car now...)



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